Basic Tips in Shirt Fabric Care

Most people have ruined their favorite shirts due to improper washing techniques. Sometimes reading the label to extract information on shirt fabric care is never enough. There are things that you need to know. First, if you are thinking of going shopping for shirts, think about the material blend you will acquire and the kind of shirt fabric care they demand. Are you able to match up?

There are some shirts that will require extra care than others. However if you buy quality ladies Foxcroft shirts, most of them will not need ironing, making your life easier. Nevertheless, you still have to consider different fabrics and how to care for them. Since this is important information, you better keep reading on.

How to take care of different fabrics


This fabric is produced by the Chinese silkworm. The fibers of this cocoon are spun to produce a smooth and sleek fabric that absorbs moisture. This high absorbency allows silk to be dyed into different colors.

  • Avoid washing silk on the regular washing machine unless stated on the shirt label.
  • Take it to the dry cleaner to receive some special treatment. However, you may clean your silk shirts with cold water and a mild detergent.
  • To prevent silk from getting damaged, do not wring it out or twist it after washing, instead use a towel to soak excess moisture and hang it up to dry.
  • If you have padded hangers, use them on your silk shirts. Wooden wires can cause stains whereas wired ones may leave an impression on the fabric.
  • To prevent shirts made from silk from fading, do not hang under the heat of the sun.
  • Finally, use very low heat to remove wrinkles on silk although it is best to avoid ironing as the wrinkles cease on their own.


Cotton, a highly breathable fabric that is comfortable and soft has very low maintenance demands.

  • With some warm water and the appropriate detergent, the washing machine will suffice your cotton shirt fabric care. Remember though that some cotton shirts shrink when washed.
  • However, there are quality cotton garments that are preshrunk so finding this out will be beneficial.
  • If you don't fancy hanging your shirts on a cloth line, then you may dry the cotton shirts with a low heat dryer.
  • The usual separation of dark colors and bright ones should be done before the washing.
  • If the cotton shirt has stains, do not iron it. Remove the stains first. Ironing cotton with stains tend to make these stains permanent.


Linen is a fabric produced from flax plant fibers.

  • It is lightweight, breathes well, and it can be washed on the washing machine or hand washed.
  • However, dry cleaning is recommended as the best shirt fabric care in this case.


It has a silky appearance but wrinkles very easily.

  • Wash with warm water without wringing or twisting to prevent it from ripping.
  • Iron this fabric using stem under low heat.

Synthetic fibers, like polyester

Polyester, being very resistant to creasing, works well when blended with cotton.

  • They can be washed on the machine, but care should be taken to avoid keeping them inside the washer for too long as they might shrink.
  • Never use a highly heated iron on polyester, you may cause it to scorch.
  • In most cases, polyester does not need ironing.

Learning the above tips regarding different types of fabric will make shirt fabric care easy and effective for you.