Foxcroft Shirts

Women today face more dynamic environments than ever before. Accordingly, women’s clothing options have evolved in accordance with a number of different occasions and necessary styles. More often than not, women are in need of trendy, yet subtle ensembles which are versatile and flattering.

Foxcroft Shirt Selections

Foxcroft shirts and plaid shirts offer excellent variety and consist of many styles and cuts, which are more than suitable for a day at work or a night in the town. Although Foxcroft is a well-established brand, it does not maintain its own, dedicated retail outlets or an online store. However, there are still plenty of department stores and women’s clothing retailers that carry every line of Foxcroft shirts.

Regardless of the type of fashion statement women hope to make, Foxcroft offers plenty of options with their countless trendy shirts and blouses. One excellent trademark of Foxcroft shirts is their durability, as most are constructed with comfortable, wrinkle-free materials. This certainly makes things much easier, as they can be washed and dried with little need for ironing or special treatment. Indeed, most Foxcroft items offer the best of everything: fashion with comfort and simple upkeep.

  • One of the most consistent aspects of Foxcroft shirts for women is the trademark over-the-hip fit. This type of design provides several benefits. First, because most Foxcroft shirts are slightly longer than the waist and gently flared at the bottom, these shirts are the utmost in comfort. Second, the cut can be very flattering for women of certain body types, particularly those who would like to add length to their torso or slim the hips.
  • Foxcroft shirts also come in a wide range of colors, prints, and styles. For a sleek, yet casual ensemble, many women opt for the subdued solid colors. These items come in every color imaginable, and some even have subtle design elements such as accented button lines. These basic solids work quite well with a number of different items, from jeans to slacks to skirts.
  • For a more vivid look, many Foxcroft shirts also feature more intricate designs, such as floral patterns, plaid, and stripes of all widths. These, too, are a perfect blend of contemporary casual, but are equally as appropriate for the workplace.
  • Finally, there are many sizing options available, including Foxcroft shirts plus size. Again, Foxcroft shirts are perfectly designed to flatter all body types, especially women on the stockier side. The range of sizes makes it easy for women of all shapes to assemble a snazzy outfit.

Foxcroft has dozens of different colors, cuts, and sleeve styles to choose from. Most major shopping outlets and clothing stores carry some variety of Foxcroft shirts. Combined with their versatile function, their widespread popularity makes them convenient items to accumulate for a number of different outfits. Even better, many stores frequently have Foxcroft shirts sale events, allowing women to stock their wardrobe without spending too much. If your wardrobe is need of some new life, or you are simply looking for a simple way to look great, Foxcroft shirts are an excellent item to consider.